Description of Antioch’s Drinking Well

At Antioch, the people gather around the Town Drinking Well on a daily basis to share with one another what is happening in their lives, picking up on the town’s news and helping one another. The topics of discussions are categorized under the following headings:

Prophesy (Fellowship - God with man) Sharing with each other God’s rhema Word and the insights from our meditation of what is revealed to us and to the church today so that the body can weigh what God is saying.

Intercession (Fellowship - man with God and God with man) Forum for members to come together to share our personal and corporate prayer need:

  1. Prayerwalking experiences and data and findings
  2. Prayer request for the nation, the body of Christ, people groups and own needs
  3. Answered prayer as an praise offering to God
  4. broadening our knowledge on the teachings on Prayer ie. prayer walking, direction on what, where and who to pray

Praise and Worship (Fellowship - man with man and man with God) Resources - (songs and lyrics, ice-breakers, planned programs etc.) which can help assist groups of people to enter into worship at the home cell groups meetings. Also, available will be Word - a section where passages of the Bible are available for meditation, leading to thanksgiving.

Testimony ( Fellowship - man with man) Sharing one’s testimony with each other to lift each other up in our pilgrimage.

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