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Have you ever considered running a discussion on the Web for your members...
or perhaps creating a private discussion for your immediate staff or project members...
providing them with a means to dialogue with one another 24 hours a day, where ever they are?

Antioch Agora offers a host of forum services (either public or restricted forums) for your organization. Please take a moment to view the various forums that Antioch has on our Agora.

We are pleased to provide you with the following services available on Antioch. Please contact us directly if you have a specific need or query.

An Open forum allows the general public to participate in its discussion, where no memberships are required.

Open Forums are ideal for feedback and exchange of ideas with the public.

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Public Forums

A public forum allows the public to view your forum. However, participation is only via membership.

Public Forums are ideal for Newsletters and forum where invited members can share their views, allowing the public to be informed of the dialogue but not to participate in it.

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Discreet Forums

A discreet forum allows members on to the discussion via password. However, passwords are created by members themselves (ie. member get members.)

Discreet forums are ideal for discussions within fraternities and fellowships where existing members have the liberty to invite other fraternity members who are not "in the loop".

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Restricted Forums

A Restricted forum will only allow members with password to enter the discussion forum. Memberships are controlled by the Administrator of the forum.

Restricted forum are ideal for closed conferences where privacy is of greatest importance. However, you enjoy the benefits of having an audit log of the discussion. That way, new members joining in the discussion at mid-stream can catch up with the discussion by read through the forum at their own time.

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Customised Forums

We can also customize forums for your specific requirements. Please contact us for special arrangements.

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For more details, please contact ANI Sales

Terms & Conditions

  1. Quotation will be based on the number of members using the forum and disk usage.
  2. Termination of services is effected with three month's notice on either organization.
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