WEB Consultancy, Design
& Maintenance on Antioch

We are pleased to provide you with the following Web Maintenance services available on Antioch. Please contact us directly if you have a specific need or query.

Net/Web Consultancy
We provide Consultancy services to teach, plan, design, develop, secure and maintain your web site.

Charges are dependent on type of service and skills required.

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Web Design & Development

We offer services to assist in:

  • Web Textual and Graphic Design
  • Web development
  • Data conversion
    • hard copy text to digital form
    • text to HTML format
    • multi-language conversion
Charges are dependent on type of services required.

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Web Maintenance
Web Sites require constant and consistent management which involves:
  • adding new content
  • amending existing content
  • deleting old materials
  • checking for broken links
  • maintaining a consistent format across the site to ensure corporate identity
If you require a full-time manager to maintain your website, Antioch would be pleased to offer it's services.

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For more details, please contact ANI Sales

Terms & Conditions

  1. All prices are quoted are in Singapore dollars.
  2. Termination of services is effected with three month's notice on either organization.
  3. Prices may change from time to time, based on market conditions.
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