The 40 Day Fast

THE 40-DAY FAST, commencing JULY 1 and culminating in Day to Change Our World on AUGUST 9, is an invitation from the Father to enter into a sober, vigilant season, in which a praying, fasting Singapore Church prepares herself to make a difference in this land.

For the sake of His great name in this nation, may we approach this season of humbling in the fear of the Lord. Besides fasting from food, consider fasting from things that distract (such as television) or things that destroy (such as careless words). For the Lord whom we seek will come suddenly into His Temple like a refiner's fire, to judge, and to burn up every worthless thing [Malachi 3:1-2].

In this 40-DAY FAST, may we humbly identify with the sins and struggles of the Church and nation. May we open our lives to His scrutiny so that He may cleanse us, and renew a right spirit within us. May He plough our hearts deeply; and infuse fresh love for Him, for one another, for the lost, and for the nation. May He stir within us a renewed sense of responsibility to shine for Him in the midst of encroaching darkness.

A 40-DAY PRAYER GUIDE is available. Request for it NOW! If you're not already on our PRAYERWAVE mailing list, please

  • call 475-2124 or
  • email with your postal mailing address and contact phone number


Each church is free to participate however the Lord leads them.


Prepare the church for the fast through a pulpit series prior to or throughout the month of July. Encourage every person who is fasting to put aside all monies saved from food as a love gift for a designated charity to be collected on a Sunday at the end of the 40-day Fast.


    In response to God's awesome promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14, consecrate at least ONE July date for a 24-hour church-wide prayer and fasting. Conclude with a solemn assembly in the evening, involving every member of the congregation: leadership and laity, male and female, young and old (Joel 1:13-14; Joel 2:12-17). Allow for a time of personal and corporate repentance and reconciliation.

    NOTE; As a minimum, we need 40 local congregations to each take on ONE July date for corporate fasting in this 40-day season of humble seeking. But instead of just one fasting congregation per day, why not seven to ten fasting congregations for each of the 40 days? This is altogether doable. There are at least 410 congregations in Singapore today. Ideally, we could have as many as 10 congregations corporately fasting each of the 40-days from July 1 to August 9, 1997. May the Lord open our eyes, move our hearts and stir our spirits to respond in this hour of global and local prayer awakening.


    Set aside 3 consecutive July dates for a 48-hour church-wide fast for personal and corporate revival.


    For total church mobilization, allow for many types of fast to cater for different age groups or circumstances. In this way, within your congregation, there will be groups of believers committed to praying and fasting every day of the 40-days. Consider the following options:

    • 40-Day Total Fast
      Let us not underestimate the spiritual potential of the average church member. Within each congregation, there is always that company of serious-minded intercessors whom God has set apart to carry the flame of revival prayer for the Church. By God's grace in the past 18 months, a number of pastors and believers have gone on voluntary 40-day fasts for personal and national revival.

    • Total Fast-Link
      Mobilize as many as are willing to take on ONE or more days of total fast in a 40-day fasting chain.

    • One-Meal Fast
      Mobilize the entire congregation to fast one meal a day throughout the 40 days.

    • Daniel Fast
      Encourage many to sacrifice meat and other delicacies, and consume only fresh vegetables and juices in small portions throughout the 40-day fast. This healthy diet is considered a partial fast.

    • Small Group Fast
      Within this 40-day period, integrate prayer and fasting into your normal small group or cell programme. At the same time, be completely open to the ways of the Lord. As had happened in New York city and several other places, the Holy Spirit may prompt you to suspend all normal cell activities, and devote every cell gathering during this 40-day season for repentance and reconciliation, renewal and revival! Covenant to pray at set times on a daily basis. A revived cell is an unstoppable force. Out of prayer will flow "heavenly blueprints" to engage the harvest in our communities.

Fast Lane

Life in the fast lane can be hazardous to your spiritual health. The demands of a punishing schedule day in and day out can wear us to shreds. It's good to pause and pray. Rally Christians in your office to fast lunch together throughout the 40-days. It will improve the office atmosphere significantly. Also, consider joining with likeminded others in the special HOUR OF POWER [lunch-fast prayer gatherings] at St Andrew's.

PrayerWave Fast

According to our records, there is an exciting distribution per housing community of Christians who have committed themselves to be part of PrayerWave Singapore which was launched last year at Day to Change Our World. If you wish to contact PrayerWavers living in your same block or on your same street for prayer and fasting, we can help connect you. Call 475-2124 today.

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Created: 10 June 1997 ______ Last updated: 10 June 1997