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Who is the course for?

New Christians.
Christians wanting to refresh the basis of their faith.
Small groups, discipling, baptism and confirmation classes.

Being Disciples contains six studies designed to foster discipleship by providing signposts to growth in the Christian faith.

The theme of "Pushing back the boundaries" indicates our objective of increasing Biblical freedom which increases our liberty in Christ.

We seek to encourage Christians to discover who they are in Christ, and what has already been made available by God.

We hope this course will be an encouragement towards living more abundant lives for our Lord...

The course has been developed as far as possible on inter-denominational lines, and consists of the following units:
UNIT 1 Salvation and Assurance.
UNIT 2 Going on with Christ -
being a part of the Body.
UNIT 3 Introducing the Holy Spirit.
UNIT 4 Sharing our faith.
UNIT 5 Managing values and resources.
UNIT 6 Kingdom values.


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Special acknowledgments to the people who make it possible for this material to be made available on the web.

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