Here, we desire to provide song sheets and materials that might make your preparation for worship more effective and a blessing to your cell/home fellowship.

Antioch's Praise and Worship Lyrics Database
Antioch's Exclusive Praise and Worship Projector Software for Windows.

The following songs are public domain.

The following songs are copyrighted materials by Gilberto Barreto, Elton Smith et al. They are used here with permission

The following sites provides music scores and lyrics of certain songs. If you like the songs, please make it a point to support these artistes by going out and buying their album. They need your support to continue serving the LORD in their calling and ministry.

BU Praise and Worship Songbook
The Music Ministry Resource Center
CCM Guitar Music Archives
The Worship and Music Ministry Resource Center - Songs of the Shepherd
Christian Music Directory
BU Christian Music Library
YMC -- Christian music

The following sites provides music and worship resources that you might find useful for your music ministry:

Christian Connection (TCM) - Homepage
Christian Film, Video and Music Information
Christian Music Online Welcome Page
Contemporary Christian Music Resource List
Songs of Praise by Gilberto Barreto and friends
The MUSIC.EXE Home Page

If you know of any other sites that you feel should be listed here, please send us your feedback.

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