From the time of our Inauguration in September, 1995, Antioch Networks International has been self-funded by individuals who believed and supported its vision and goals to take a stand for Christ in the Cyberspace and to create a pool of Christian resources on the Web.

Recognising our call to pioneer a new style of ministry targeted at a new people group (nation), Antioch decided to offer free web hosting services to the Churches, Para-Church Organizations and Christian Ministries from its inception.

The previous three years have paved the way for many churches and mission organizations to experience outreach and dialogue through the Internet. Antioch is pleased to have been party to this growth. The cost of setting up and maintaining Antioch (equipment, software, services) has been well spent. In order to continue and service this established cyberspace community, we plan to maintain and widen our services at a nominal fee.

We are convinced that you will continue to benefit directly with hosting on Antioch for the following reasons:

  • Antioch is a Christian organization. It is built by Christians for the Christian community.
  • Our charter is to work alongside and complement the churches, ministries and the Body of Christ.
  • We are NOT a secular business and are not profit driven.
  • We are enjoying approximately 1,000,000 hits to our site each month. We believe our visitors are either Christians or people seeking the truth.
As such, with effect from July 1, 1998, ANTIOCH NETWORKS INTERNATIONAL (PTE) LTD will be extending its services. We will offer the following services to you the Church, Para-Church Organization and Christian Ministry:

Types of Services
Free Hosting

Antioch intends to continue offering its free service to churches who would like to be represented. A standard data sheet comprising of general static information will be provided. Future updates and amendments will be through our update sheet. Management of the data will be done solely by Antioch.

For details on Free Hosting Terms and Conditions.

In order to support the above ministry, if you feel compelled to help Antioch or your church/ministry's with it's presence in Antioch, we would appreciate that you prayerfully consider your participation in this ministry for the extension of God's work, both here and into all the world.

In the meantime, we solicit your prayers for the following areas:

  • to be committed to pray for Antioch on a regular basis.
  • for the fulfillment of the Lord's promise for Antioch's Vision and Goals.
  • for the Lord's protection and provision for the staff and their families.
  • if you feel prompted to be involved, please seek the Lord and ask Him specially how you may be a blessing.
Should you require any further information regarding this project, please email us .
Virtual Hosting on Antioch

Virtual Hosting offers your organization its own domain name ie. or

Antioch will charge a nominal set-up fee as well as a monthly fee of this service. For details on Virtual Hosting Terms and Conditions.

Co-Hosting with Antioch

Antioch will co-host organizations who would prefer to be connected with Antioch ie.

Antioch will charge a nominal set-up fee as well as a monthly fee of this service. For details on Co-Hosting Terms and Conditions.

Maintaining Web Sites

Antioch offers a host of services to help you design, plan, develop and maintain a web site., If you any of these assistance, ANTIOCH NETWORKS INTERNATIONAL (PTE) LTD would be happy to be of service to you. For details on Web Maintenance Terms and Conditions.
Advertising on Antioch

With more than half a million hits a month, Antioch offers you with a viable advertisement platform on Antioch. Antioch will charge a nominal set-up fee as well as a monthly fee of this service. For details on Advertisment Terms and Conditions.
Discussion Forums

For a fee, Antioch will host public and/or discreet discussion forums for your organization. Please take a moment to view our forums at Agora. For details on Agora Forum Terms and Conditions.
We thank you for your interest in Antioch and we look forward to being able to serve you in a way that will benefit you in your ministry and to provide new venues of outreach to further His Kingdom.

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